(excerpt adapted from sbnonline.com)
LaToyia Jones understands what can drive someone to the point where they want to take their own life. At the ages of 17, and then again at 21, she attempted suicide. Despite growing up in a suburban, working class home among successful people from whom she could learn and look up to, Jones still suffered from depression and extreme self-doubt.

She felt her life had no purpose and for this reason, she no longer wanted to live. After her second suicide attempt, Jones began to discover her purpose and her personal brand. She realized that her story was all too common and that when she shared it, people were moved by her talks — especially young people. Jones started Alive on Purpose to build awareness of suicide prevention through support, intervention and self-discovery.

As a licensed grief recovery specialist, a certified corporate coach and a group facilitator, Jones teaches classes to help both adults and teens bridge the connection between their past experiences in order to find the proper completion to move forward with their lives. She makes her presence known throughout Cleveland as she inspires, encourages and strengthens others to live lives far beyond their current level of displayed potential.