Our Story: the dance with a purpose

The Him & Me Dance is created to bring fathers and daughters together and strengthen their relationship by reducing negative occurrences in the lives of young women. An estimate of 24% of young women live absent their biological fathers. The Him and Me Dance aims to show the importance of a fathers’ impact on their daughter’s self-esteem thus reducing suicide and other negative effects on young women.

This dance provides the systems necessary for fathers to develop stronger their relationships with their daughters.  Additionally, this dance provides a forum for conversation, interaction, and parental development. Him and Me is designed to cultivate this relationship between fathers and daughters by teaching both the father and the daughter communication methods, financial literacy, safety, and parental involvement. Each component is geared to encourage affirmation and conflict resolution between fathers and daughters. By reinforcing communication and personal responsibility fathers become models for the community having long-term impact on young women and reducing suicide.

Him & Me Initiatives

Throughout the year leading up the dance, we seek to foster father-daughter relationships and fight suicide with these programs.