About Him & Me


About Him & Me

The mission of the Him & Me Project fathers and daughters through supportive initiatives, fostering resilient relationships and promoting mental health and well-being, giving little girls and fathers the opportunity to cultivate strong relationships, turning little girls into strong women, and fathers into proud dads.

Through curated experiences, global campaigns, and annual daddy/daughter dances, Him & Me aims to give little girls and fathers the tools to cultivate strong relationships. The organization provides a forum for conversation and interaction, and teaches communication methods, emotional health, safety, and parental involvement. By reinforcing the need for communication between fathers and daughters, Him & Me hopes to reduce the negative statistics associated with absent fathers.

Our vision is to strengthen the father-daughters bond by equipping dads with tools, resources and support to cultivate that relationship; globally abolishing the absent father stat. Him & Me sets out to transform the landscape of father-daughter relationships globally. I envision a world where every little girl has the opportunity to cultivate a strong, loving bond with her father, laying the groundwork for her self-esteem, confidence, and future relationships.


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